Not Your Average European Soccer Tour!

This is what our Germany and Ireland soccer tours will include that traditional tours do not:

  • 3.5 to 4.0 Star Downtown accommodations (not old dorms!)
  • Friendly games and practices only (no tournaments)
  • Visits to local clubs home fields (not just 50 tournament fields side by side)
  • Upgraded set menu meals that go beyond dorm cafeteria food
  • Fantastic sightseeing with local coordinators that are not just cookie cutter add-ons
  • Meet & Greet  dinner with local teams that facilitate real quality time
  • On site local coordinator with practical knowledge of the destination
  • Professional hands-on itinerary planning that are NOT re-sells from other companies

JJZ Sports will be offering 2 soccer tours for the summer of 2016 that differ from traditional European soccer tours. Our travellers break out of the mould and enjoy the trip from dawn to dusk and dawn again!