JJZ Sports-Hockey Tours are not simply hockey, hotels and bus transportation because anybody can book hotels or a bus.

Our hockey tours use 15 years of practical international sports tour knowledge to build all-inclusive itineraries that become once in a lifetime experiences. The competitors can’t begin to compare with what you can expect to get out of a JJZ Sports-Hockey Tour!

JJZ Sports-Hockey Tours Our Competitors
Downtown 3.5-4.0 star Hotels – Always! Sometimes.   Many tour operators offer a lower price because their hotels are far outside the central walking areas.
Flexible Bus Usage Some tour operators try to save money by only including pick up and drop off.
Flights at travel agent rates Some competitors are not licensed travel agents and don’t have the same access to group flights and airline offers.
Hockey Games and Practices run by professionals. We have 10 years of professional playing experience and 15 years of hockey tour experience. Sometimes you will find other groups giving hockey tours with no knowledge of levels or varied age groups.
Licensed Travel Agent Protection. All of your tour money is secure. Many provinces or states have different rules regarding this.  There are many non-licensed companies offering hockey tours.
Traditional meals from the area you are visiting. Many tour operators either include no meals or they only include simple buffets with no thought behind the cultural experience.
Pre-Ordered Meals—We do the leg work ahead of time so your tour experience is better.  Entree Selections, Special meal requests, allergies and quicker service on arrival all taken care of. Hardly ever.
Local Tour Coordinators who speak the language and who can help with everything on site. Some tour operators send a company representative from North America who doesn’t speak the language and who has no practical knowledge of the area.  Other hockey tour competitors have no coordinator at all.
All-Inclusive pricing in CAD or USD with no surprises. A lower price is not always lower if you have to pay for alot of additional items once at your destination.
Flexible and accommodating tour planning.  We customize itineraries and payment plans for every team that books with us. Some people selling tours are simply re-sellers.   They aren’t doing any of the planning themselves and have less flexibility with planning.
Homestay Experience:    We have managed homestay experiences for over 100 teams worldwide. Hardly ever, or when they do, the pass off this work to the tournament organizer and then have no contact with the local teams anyways.