JJZ Sports facilitates the Home Stay program for the Bell Capital Cup.

Our packages are designed to best serve both the visiting International team and the host Canadian team.

The program takes into account logistical concerns, player concerns, language concerns, visiting & host parent concerns, welcoming and final parties between the teams, friendly games and extra ice requests. We can customize certain items in the packages, however, please keep in mind that the program is designed to be fair to all involved and to provide a World

Class experience for everyone as you visit the greatest hockey tournament in the World!


  • Special Notice: We only guarantee the home stay program to the first 10 Internationals teams who book.
  • We do our best to match your team with a local team at the same age/level.
  • Players can be put in pairs (2 per home). In some situations, local teams will try to accommodate 3 per home if your team has an uneven number of players but visiting teams should be ready to place some kids as singles if needed.
  • The tournament does its’ best to schedule games for both teams close to one another.
  • JJZ Sports puts together a formal list with all players’ contact numbers, allergies, medications etc and this is given to all team leaders and our coordinators prior to your arrival. (PLEASE NOTE: visiting players with extreme allergies should opt out of the homestay program. JJZ Sports and all the host families bear no responsibiltiy for players with extreme allergies)
  • If players are ever uncomfortable, sick, homesick etc, they are welcome to join their parents back at the hotel (all extra costs are at the visting team expense). Also, our coordinators are always there to help in situations like this.
  • JJZ Sports puts both teams in contact with one another via email 2 weeks prior to arrival.
  • The Home Stay program has provided unforgettable memories for all involved. It is, without a doubt, an “experience of a lifetime!”