Our Sports and Tourism Expertise

James Hanlon is the owner/operator of JJZ Sports.   James is an experienced, passionate sports management professional.   He is an ex-professional hockey player who has played and directed camps and clinics all over Europe and Canada.   He was the Technical Director of a large hockey association for 5 years who founded and managed their only competitive hockey tournament and built their internal development program.   James is also well travelled and knowledgable in all areas of sport tour planning.    He has managed complex sport group itineraries involving different nationalities, flight changes, various playing levels, weather concerns, lost luggage, travel insurance, homestay programs, sports federations, injuries, meals, sightseeing, bus schedules and more.   James has now combined all his skills above, including his network of travel admnistrators, foreign tour operators, international tournament managers, tour guides and local coordinators, into “JJZ Sports:  Elite Sport Management”.  Please read below for an overview:


We have managed all-inclusive participant sports tours around the world.  We have successfully organized tours to and/or from Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Czech Republic, Hungary, China, Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France and more.   We not only organize hotels, busses, sightseeing, meals, games, practices & tournaments but we also provide local coordinators on site, get approved sanctioning with sports federations and organize homestay programs.

We are now adding more and more spectator (Bucket List !) tours to popular destinations for Canadians:   World Junior Championships, World Hockey Championships, Spengler Cup, New York City Sports tour and more.   Stay tuned at www.jjzsports.com for more details.

Please read this article on the NHL website regarding our management of the Ottawa Senators “Operation Sweden” tour to Stockholm in 2008 where they played the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Tournaments & Events

We have been one of the main partners with the Bell Capital Cup, the largest hockey tournament in the world, since its’ inception.   Surrounding the tournament, we have been not only managing the tours for all the European and Asian teams but also managing events such as the International Welcome Reception which includes food, live music, media and guest speakers.

In addition, we have created our own hockey tournament by initializing branding/ages/divisions, setting up online registration, managing volunteers, setting up stats, booking referees and timekeepers, building a tournament program, sponsorship and marketing.

We are experienced with all tournament planning and sports event planning.

Please contact us at james@jjzsports.com if you want us to run your tournament for you.   Many clubs/associations do not have enough volunteers to maintain consistency and value with their tournaments.

Camps, Clinics and Teams

We have organized and managed 3 on 3, 4 on 4, beginner and advanced power skating, junior/elite camps, residence camps and skill development for all ages.

We also have our own Spring AAA teams and European touring teams called the Canadian Nationals.

All of our programs are designed to develop, educate and improve kids’ performance while providing them with unforgettable sports experiences.

Please click our registration link if you want to register for our any of our programs.