Travel Insurance


JJZ Sports can provide teams all types of Manulife Travel Insurance.    There are many components of travel insurance.   There is Emergency Hospital & Medical, Trip Cancellation & Interruption, Baggage Loss etc etc.   The most asked about by our sports teams are the Emergency Hospital & Medical and the Trip Cancellation components.   The first of the two is very reasonably priced and rarely costs more than 30.00 CAD per person for a 7-10 day trip.    Trip Cancellation however tends to be a lot more expensive because you are insuring the trip itself and the value of these tours are usually between 3000.00 and 3500.00 per person.   For a 7-10 trip at this price, the cost usually ends up between 250.00-300.00 CAD per person.   The best value, if you want the Trip Cancellation component, is usually to purchase an all-inclusive insurance package.   It won’t cost much more that the TC on its’ own but will include everything in the one package (baggage loss, emergency hospital & medical etc etc).

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